Red-crowned Woodpecker

Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus)
Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus)
Red-crowned Woodpecker

Order : Piciformes
The order Piciformes consists of 6 families of largely arboreal birds. The Picidae (Woodpeckers and relatives over 200 species), the capitonidae (Barbets about 80 species), the Ramphastidae (Toucans about 42 species), the Galbulidae (Jacamars 18 species), the Bucconidae (Puffbirds, Nunbirds and Nunlets 33 species), and the Indicatoridae ( Honeyguides 17 species). All bar the Honeyguides are hole nesters, the Honeyguides being parasitic. In general they are insectivorous, and although the Toucan’s main diet is fruit the Toucan will also take insects, eggs and small birds.

Family : Woodpeckers (Picidae)
Woodpeckers have a near world wide distribution with the notable exceptions of Australia and New Guinea. They are generally resident birds woodland birds most spending their entire lives in trees, a few feeding on the ground. Most feed mainly on insects, but fruits and berries are also taken, and some species regularly feed on sap from certain trees (Sapsuckers). Known for the drumming sounds emitted against tree trunks or even metal poles, this unusual behaviour is attributed to several different factors including the excavation of the nest, marking territory, and, to a lesser extent, searching for food. Most tend to be solitary birds being seen alone or in pairs.

Name : Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus)
Length : 17 cm ( 7 in )

The Red-crowned Woodpecker is one of the few common birds of Tobago not found in Trinidad. The upperparts and wings are barred black and white, the underparts are olive brown, while the crown and nape are red, often to a greater degree in males. The nest is dug in Palm trees, usually dead or decaying ones, and occassionally in telephone poles. Both parents attending to nesting duties. It feeds mainly on insects and grub taken from amoung trees, but will take ripe fruits, especially paw paw. It inhabits lowland open countryside, woodland and suburban areas.

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Bird identification photos

Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) Birds of Tobago

Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) tropical woodpeckers

Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) forest birds

Red-crowned Woodpecker feeding