Bare-eyed Thrush

Bare-eyed Thrush 
Bare-eyed Thrush (Turdus nudigenis) Yellow eyed Grive, Gold eye Thrush
Bare-eyed Thrush (Turdus nudigenis)

Order : Passeriformes
Thrushes are a cosmopolitan family made up of two major groups, the true thrushes and the chat thrushes, the latter being confined to Eurasia, except for the Northern Wheater, which has colonised northern Canada and Alaska. The largest genus consisting around 66 species, is found in both temperate and tropical climates. Many being known for their singing voice.

Family : Thrushes (Turidae)
Also known as Passerine’s or perching bird’s. Any member of the largest avian order which includes more than 5,700 species, more than half of all living birds. Passerine’s are true perching birds with four toed feet, three toes facing forward and one larger toe facing backwards.

Name : Bare-eyed Thrush (Turdus nudigenis)
Length : 23 - 24 cm ( 9 - 9½ in )
Local Names : Yellow eyed Grive, Gold eye Thrush

A bird of parklands, suburban areas, light woodland and cultivated land, the Bare-eyed Thrush is distinguished by it’s large golden yellow eye ring. It has brown upperparts with grey brown underparts with a streaked throat. Both sexes are similar. The cup shaped nest is made of mud and plant material placed at a moderate height in the fork of a tree usually around March to July.

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Bare-eyed Thrush (Turdus nudigenis) Thrushes (Turidae)

Bare-eyed Thrush (Turdus nudigenis) Passerine or perching bird