Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) Snake Bird, Corura Real
Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga)

Order : Pelecaniformes
Darters are a small family of only four species spread across the world. The Indian Anhinga melanogaster, the African Anhinga rufa, the Australian Anhinga novaehollandiae, and the American Anhinga anhinga. They are similar to cormorants, but can be distinguished by their long, thin necks, and they have pointed rather than hooked bills. They do not plunge into water for fish, but pursue their prey under water.

Family : Darters (Anhingidae)
A diverse group of aquatic birds that fall into three suborders; Pelicani (Pelicans, Darters, Cormorants and Boobies) Fregatae ( Frigate birds ) and Phaethones ( Tropic birds). All are fairly large birds and all have webbed feet. Each suborder then having specialised adaptations for the different ways of life, the Frigatebird never alighting on water while the Anhinga swims underwater for extended periods of time.

Name : Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga)
Length : 86 cm ( 34 in )
Local Names : Snake Bird, Corura Real

Above the water the Anhinga can be seen soaring high in the sky on motionless wings, often circling a body of water several times before deciding the area is safe or perched near the waters edge with wings outstretched as if warming or drying itself. Underwater, the Anhinga’s long slightly serrated bill is used to spear fish, it’s only diet. Although a strong swimmer, the Anhinga will readily surface to keep a close eye out for predators, and will often float just below the surface with only it’s head and neck visible, moving in a gentle ‘s’ shape resembling a snake. Though several birds may be seen at the same location the Anhinga hunts alone but nests in small colonies usually among Mangroves.

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Identifying Bird pictures

Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) Darters (Anhingidae)

Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) Pelecaniformes

Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) bird in flight